...because justification trumps justice, in a trans-human society, to survive a transgender good Samaritan becomes a better cut-throat.


Dr. Augusta Iyam

DR. AUGUSTA IYAM (protagonist/coletyla) is afflicted with a sense of insecurity, guilt, and inadequacy. Without consciously doing so, she is on a pilgrimage to find out who she is and why is she the way she is. 

Dr. Nemen

DR. NEMEN (antagonist/Pygmalion character) is first someone who, coming as a missionary to the small, country church where Dr. Augusta was raised by the old pastor and his much younger wife. It was called the ASSEMBLY OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN.


Guy Caines

GUY CAINES, is the (son) born from Dr. Augusta while hospitalized for what the doctors described as a cancerous growth in her abdomen. She is thus delivered of a child; one who would be used as a possible assassin against her by Dr. Nemen


Brother Gregg

BR. GREGG, (spouse) loves Augustus but desires respect more which, not getting, turns him against her and towards those who’d hurt her. Like Dr. Nemen, he is also older than she is, in fact, he’s also older than Dr. Nemen.